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XLR Box H4n    

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The XLR Box is a noiseless phantom power source for professional microphones to be used with the Zoom H4N or the Tascam D100.

As anyone who has used the Tascam DR 100 or the Zoom H4N knows once the phantom power is turned on for external microphones the battery life gets reduced to approx 25min recording time. This is unacceptable in most professional situations.

This device overcomes the Zoom H4N’s and the Tascam’s short coming of draining power from the on-board batteries by providing Phantom power to external microphones and feeding it into the recording device. Set in a sturdy black aluminum box and constructed with the finest quality parts ( 2 panel mount Neutrik XLR Male connectors, 2 panel mount Neutrik XLR Female connectors and Bulgin 18v battery holder), the TPB 18 provides 18v DC to all XLR based professional microphones. Reliable noise-less phantom power.

Comes with built in belt clip for easy use. Provides a great unit for phantom power in the field. Almost 80% of microphones require a maximum of 18v, including the Sennheiser 416. The excessive voltage is stepped down in the microphones electronics to the capsules requirement.

Most devices claiming to give 48v phantom actually supply much less, they are also noisy sources for phantom power as they use multipliers which increase electronic noise to the microphone.

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