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Trifecta Dolly    

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The Trifecta Dolly is a 20ft portable track dolly. It offers film professionals the option of speedily transporting and setting up a dolly shot where previously they would have been limited by budget and logistical considerations. The Trifecta Dolly weighs 12.5 Kgs and sits comfortably in the back seat of a car or boot, can be carried and set up in 5 minutes. Will take cameras and tripods of any size and weight. The Dolly consists of 10 lengths of 4ft. track that are fitted in parallel for 20ft of movement, and has a T support for all tripods and baby tripods permitting the cameras position to vary from 4 inches off the ground to the height of the tripod (approx 6ft.). Comes with its own carrying case.

  • T-shaped Tripod support
  • 6 parallel wheels
  • 10 pieces of 4ft track
  • 7 Rubber padded sheets
  • Carrying Bag
  • Weight :- 12.5 Kg
  • ITEMS SUPPLIED :- T-shaped Tripod support with 6 parallel wheels ,10 pieces of 4ft track, 7 Rubber padded sheets, Carrying Case
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