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Timelapse Slider Rigging Gear    

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Timelapse Slider Rigging Gear is a comprehensive solution to position the timelapse slider in a number of horizontal and vertical positions. While many companies make timelapse sliders no one has paid attention to mounting the timelapse slider which requires it's own unique set of solutions. Instead of using 2 tripods with video heads, which are both heavy and expensive Embrace Cinema Gear offers a set of inexpensive yet robust tripod legs with a variety mounts and tilting brackets to permit various forms of mounting from parallel to tilting to completely vertically. The forms of mounting are = Parallel mounting to the ground at a variety of heights from ground level up to 6ft, Tilted mounting at any angle of incline on 2 tripods or on 1 tripod and support from the ground or from an apple box like structure and Vertical mounting for straight movement from the ground upwards.

  • ITEMS SUPPLIED :- Tripod Legs with carrying cases, 2 Units Bowl heads for tripod mounting with 3/8th inch threads, 2 Units Slider Feet 2 Units Heavy Duty Tilting Brackets, 2 units Risers for Vertical mounting, 2 Units Special Tilting Bracket for panning camera, 1 Unit Sand Bag, 1 Unit 3/8th Inch Bolts 4 units Long bolts for riser ,- 2 Units Carrying case for Rigging Gear 1 Unit
  • Weight :- 3 Kg
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