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Timelapse Slider 2.0    

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The Timelapse Slider 2.0, is a 2000mm long slider. The Timelapse Slider is a linear rail and block system that is propelled by a zero backlash ball screw driven by a stepper motor, controlled by a stepper controller and driver. The Timelapse slider also utilizes methods of shock absorption, zero backlash coupling and bearings to maintain a system that operates with the least possible vibration with a very high degree of precision. The Timelape Slider is fitted with end switches that either reverse the direction of the slider’s motion for continuous movement or brings the movement to a stop. Further it has been designed to be robust as the locations it is expected to travel to operate in very great extremes of weather. Working with the slider and in timelapse situations could mean great changes of weather as things change very unexpectedly, from blizzards and snow to sand storms and monsoon rain. The slider is a continuous motion device that is programmed to travel a predetermined or undetermined distance in a given duration of time. The programming is very simple, the first variable is seconds, how many seconds would you like the run to take place in. The second variable is length, as in the length or distance you want the slider to travel. As we have 3 sliders of 1m, 1.5m and 2m lengths, the distance travelled in one direction is capped at 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm respectively. And the third variable is for the end switches, would the shot require the slider to stop on reaching the end or would it like to reverse directions and continue the run in the other direction. Can be used in conjunction with the Timelapse Pan Head, a device that permits the rotation of the camera at a predetermined speed and predetermined degree of pan.

  • ITEMS SUPPLIED :- 1 Timelapse Slider 2meter length 1 Stepper Control Box 1 Carrying case 2 6800 mAh 12v Lithium Ion Batteries Optional Timelapse Pan Head
  • Compatible Brand :- Cannon 5D, 7D, 550d, 60D
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