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Increase your slide with the Slider MINI from Embrace Cinema which uses a unique tracking mechanism that allows the rails of the slider to move with the camera when mounted on a tripod. This gives the slider 34.5" of sliding range in a unit that is only 20" long. Its compact sizes makes it ideal for travel, as it takes of up less room in your camera bag than other sliders with a similar sliding range. The slider supports loads up to 6 kgs. 

Features & Benefits-

-  Compact slider covers almost two times its length in movement. 

-  Steel wire-driven system for expanded sliding range. 

-  Smooth, quiet & vibration free movement.

-  Takes less room in your camera kit, ideal for travel.

-  Quick to setup and easy to carry.

- 100% satisfaction Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty.

- Compact and rugged design- Best fit for variety of shooting needs.

- Supplied with its own travel bag.


- Load capacity on Tripod - 6 kgs/13.2 lbs. 

- Camera Travel on Tripod - 34.5"

- Camera Mount - 3/8"

- Tripod Mount - 3/8" 

- Slider Material - High grade Aluminum.

- Weight- 2.4 kgs.

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