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Slider 4.0    

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The EV Slider 4.0 is the top of the line, broad-shafted, rail and block slider. It’s probably the best slider in the world.Running at 1 meter long it offers filmmakers the smoothest possible motion for tripod mounted tracking shots. The rail and block system is a very expensive technology used in devices like X-ray machines and large laser engravers and printers, but it offers the smoothest, easy to carry option of all sliders.The Slider mounts on 1 tripod or 2 light stands or any combination of light stand and tripod.The Slider comes with its own carrying case and is floor or table mountable. Comes with the standard 3/8th inch thread used in all video heads and ball heads.

  • 2 Soft Feet for floor and table mounting
  • Carrying Case
  • Optional purchase Videohead
  • Optional purchase Big BallHead
  • Weight :- 3.2 Kg
  • ITEMS SUPPLIED :-2 Soft Feet for floor and table mounting, Carrying Case, Optional purchase Video head, Optional purchase Big Ball Head
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