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R2D2 Tilt Pan Head    

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The R2D2 Tilt Pan Head is a 2 axis remote controlled tilt pan head meant for use on Jib Arms and on Tripods. It features adjustable positioning on 2 axes to ensure that the center of gravity of the camera falls correctly within the tilt pan head to put the minimum load on the DC motors on 2 axes as well as providing the smoothest motion as a result of this design. The controller has a 2 axis joy stick that is sensitive to acceleration and deceleration via the joystick giving the operator pin point control over the camera and electric quick responses in transferring signals to the tilt pan head. Further the tilt pan controller has speed control for both axes to adjust for sensitivity and speed of motion. This device comes with a 12v battery that is recharge-able and easily replaced with multiple spares. The R2D2 has been designed for DSLR cameras and is not meant to take the weight or mass of larger video cameras.

One Unit R2D2 Tilt Pan Head

One Unit 12v Lithium Ion Battery

One Unit Tilt Pan Controller

One Unit cable for Controller to R2D2

  • Wight :- 3.5 Kg
  • ITEMS SUPPLIED :- 1 Unit R2D2 Tilt Pan Head 1 Unit 12v Lithium Ion Battery 1 Unit Tilt Pan Controller 1 Unit cable for Controller to R2D2
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