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The Phantom is a steadicam equivalent, camera stabilizer for cameras in the HDV, DSLR and MiniDV bracket. It supports camera weights from 500 grams to 5 Kilograms. The Phantom is a precision device made with the finest materials to the highest machining standards as a stabilizer demands. It comprises of 5 separate parts. The Sled, the Iso-elastic Arm, the Body Vest, the Balancing stand and the Low Angle adapter. It has been designed for operation by a single operator without any external help in any of the process. In its features it’ll surpass most commercial units with quality of construction, functioning and design features. Also included in the cost is a low angle adapter and quick release adapter. In total 38 ball bearings are used in the design to ensure fluid movements. Design features like a 2 axis thread slide, low angle adapter and movement for central shaft are included. Among other features there’s the mounting on a central screw that gives it great versatility in balance and interchanging of weights and the low angle switch.

  • Double Articulating Arm
  • Full Body Vest
  • Ball Head for Video Monitor
  • Casper Sled with weights
  • Low Angle Adapter
  • L Key Set
  • Weight :- 10 Kg
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