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Large Shock Mount (VR)    

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This Large Shock Mount (VR) is a complete professional high end shock and handling isolation solution. It is a light-weight and robust mount build for VR that comes along with wind shields. 

Anti vibration suspension and high isolation shock mount is perfectly crafted and has an compact design from high quality aluminum and high strength machine grade flexible nylon. Rugged, durable construction will last through years of hard use.

Features & Benefits-

1. Great shock mount for Zoom H2N and Brahma In Zoom recorder.

2. The shock mount can effectively reduce handling noise.

3. Remains hidden and great for compact VR outdoor work

4. Isolate recorder from physical vibration, floor, and stand noise.

5. Light weight makes it compatible with drones and UAVs.

6. Compact and rugged design- Best fit for variety of shooting scenarios.


1. Aluminum Holder 

2. 2- Nylon Pieces To Hold Recorder 

3. 4- Rubber O-Rings

4. 1- Domed Foam

5. 2- Fabrics For Wind Cutting

6. Rubber Grip Handle

7. Removable Nylon Handle Base 

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