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DSLR Kit Cinema Series    

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The DSLR Kit Cinema Series is a complete rigging solution for filmmakers and shooters who are used to working with 35mm film cameras, and like the egronomics and weight distribution of a 35mm camera.Using the single shoulder support system, and offsetting the forward weight with an adjustable swinging counterweight the operator can position the centre of gravity on his shoulder thus achieving a stable and inert rig. For the cameraperson’s comfort we have designed the rig to reposition the camera’s LCD display in front the operator face to permit the use of the LCD magnifier without craning one’s neck, (as found in traditional straight rail systems). This has meant the introduction of 2 sets of rails one for the camera tools and one for the shoulder support and counter weight system.Along with these features we utilize our custom follow focus unit without play in the gearbox, the custom adjustable silicone gear system where any of the 3 gears we provide will fit on any lens. Kit also includes our sharp 3x magnifier with a quick release system, as well as providing operators the flexibility of our DSLR cage with 3 ball heads, to mount all imaginable accessories like an HDMI monitor, 24bit audio recorder or an LED light. Also included is the swing away matte box, for instantaneous lens changes, supplied with an array of donuts for different filter sizes. All in all a comprehensive Shooting Kit for all DSLR’s.   

  • Follow Focus System
  • 3 Silicone FF Gears 
  • Swing Away Matte Box 
  • 4 Microcellular Donuts 
  • LCD Magnifier 
  • DSLR Cage with 3 Ball heads
  • Top handle and shock mount 
  • Camera Quick Release System 
  • Single shoulder mount with weight attachment system 
  • Adjustable counter-weight System 
  • 2 Sets of 15mm Rails 
  • Double Handle System 
  • L Key/Allen Key Box 
  • Optional carrying case
  • Weight :- 11 Kg
  • ITEMS SUPPLIED :-Follow Focus System, 3 Silicone FF Gears, Swing Away Matte Box, 4 Microcellular Donuts LCD Magnifier DSLR Cage with 3 Ball heads Top handle and shock mount Camera Quick Release System Single shoulder mount with weight attachment system Adjustable counter-weight System 2 Sets of 15mm Rails Double Handle System L Key/Allen Key Box Optional carrying case
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