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DSLR Kit Basic    

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The DSLR Kit Basic is a custom rigging system for all DSLR cameras featuring our indigenously built follow focus unit without play, our sharp 3x magnifier, as well as providing operators the flexibility of our DSLR cage with 1 ball head for video monitor or audio device, top handle and shock mount for microphone. Designed with a double shoulder system for maximum stability to avoid pitch and roll movements and a comfortable shooting position with the camera in front of the operator. Features a hands-free, waist attachment system. A comprehensive Shooting Kit for all.

  • Follow Focus System,
  • 3 Silicone FF Gears,
  • LCD Magnifier,
  • DSLR Cage with ball head,
  • Top handle and shock mount, 
  • Camera Quick Release System, 
  • Double shoulder mount,
  • 1 Set of 15mm Rails,
  • Double Handle System, 
  • Telescopic Rod,
  • Hands-free waist attachment, 
  • L Key/Allen Key Box,
  • Optional carrying case, 
  • Optional adjustable counter-weight system, 
  • Optional counter-weight belt
  • Weight :- 5 kg
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