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DSLR Basic Kit    

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The Revo 33" Camera Track Slider is a lightweight, midsize camera slider that you can conveniently carry from location to location and maximize as many of your scenes as possible with fluid motion. You can set the slider on its feet or mount it on a tripod and glide your camera left, right, forward or backward. A rig of up to 15.4 pounds can be attached and moved smoothly the entire 33 inches of the track. 

Three 1/4" and three 3/8" threaded screw-holes are positioned along the bottom for mounting up to two tripods. Aside from these, several non-threaded holes run along the bottom, and if you can find a way to screw the slider to a wall by means of these holes, then you can execute wall-mounted vertical and horizontal glides and add even more versatility of movement to your scenes. You can also position the slider tilted on a tripod (or two) and have your glides slanted. 

  • Follow Focus System
  • 3 Silicone FF Gears
  •  Magnifier
  •  DSLR Cage with ball head
  •  Top handle and shock mount
  •  Camera Quick Release System
  •  1 Set of 15mm Rails
  • Full metal design
  • Dimensions 3.5 x 2.7 x 33.5
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