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DSLR 2 Shoulder Brace    

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The DSLR 2 Shoulder Brace is the steadiest most versatile method for getting stable body mounted shots. Constructed of 2 padded shoulder supports the brace negates involuntary movement on all 3 axes of motion, pitch, tilt and roll, while being very light weight permitting the operator great ease in movement. The design incorporates a single grip on a gimbal to further reduce involuntary bumps while leaving one hand free for camera operations. The device is distance and height adjustable for different body types and styles of shooting. Optionally can be fitted with the Magnifier for hand held work.

  • 2 Shoulder Brace 
  • Quick Release System 
  • Camera support plate with gimbal 
  • Silicone Grip Handle 
  • Optional addition DSLR Magnifier
  • Weight :- 3.5 Kg
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