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Best of all for recording studios, stage and location use, Brahma LD is a multi-pattern large diaphragm microphone that captures the true 3D representation of an acoustical ambience.

The electronics in Brahma LD has been completely redesigned, both the size and wiring is different from the older version of Brahma making the microphone more user-friendly and light weighted. The phantom box has been removed entirely that gives microphone complete RF immunity. All of these changes results in superior noise performance and capability of handling high SPLs without distortion.

Brahma LD is best for higher end users who choose a greater signal to noise ratio, and higher output over spatial quality.

Brahma LD, like its predecessor Brahma Standalone, is a single point recording device that records 4 directional sonic inputs in a cardioid pattern, (these files are known as the A-format) onto any 4 channel recorder. These files are then processed through a calibration file unique for the individual microphone that make the recordings phase accurate and then these are converted into B-format where all 3 acoustical dimensions (back-front X, left-right Y, up-down Z) are defined plus the source point of reference. From the resulting B-format every microphone pattern and playback format can be created. The entire process once the files have been transferred to the computer takes seconds.

The following microphone patterns can be created omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid, sub-cardioid, super-cardioid, figure-8; as well as multiple combination patterns – blumlein, height-enabled blumlein, Mid/Side, XY (two crossed cardioids) separated by any arbitrary angle, three hypercardioids facing forward and two cardioids facing rearward (for 5.1 surround).

The B-format files can be create in the following playback formats – mono (without phase cancellation), stereo, binaural, 4 and 6 sided array, 5.1 surround, 7.1 surround with height, 8 channel surround with height.

An additional advantage the Brahma has over stereo microphones or stereo images from 2 or more microphones is that the capsule error between multiple capsules is much smaller and resolved in the calibration files, thus there are no set-up or placement issues.


·         Single point 360° recording

·         One Microphone All Microphone Patterns

·         All Possible Surround and Immersive Sound Options

·         Low Self Noise and High Sensitivity

·         Individually Calibrated, Capsule Matched, Phase Accurate, Flat Frequency Microphone

·         Filterable Multi Channel Outputs

·         Brahma Volver-  Free Standalone A to B Format Converter

  • Brahma LD Calibrated Ambisonics Microphone
  • 4 XLR breakout (For Connecting To Any 4 Channel Recorder)
  • 1- Shock Mount
  • 2- Wind Shield
  • A Wooden Carrying Case and Soft Padded Case
  • Microphone Capsule Size: 25mm each
  • S/N Ratio (dB): >65
  • Sensitivity Reduction (dB): -3dB @ 1.5V
  • Frequency Response (Hz): 50-20k
  • Sensitivity (dB): -42 +/-3dB
  • Impedance (ohms): 2.2k
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