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Brahma In Zoom    An ambisonics microphone built into a Zoom H2N (Available Soon)

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The Brahma In Zoom is the only portable sound field recorder with four capsules that are flush mounted on the 4 virtual faces of a 3D-printed tetrahedron shape that captures the true 3D representation of an acoustical ambience.

Brahma In Zoom offers superior audio quality and with its multiple microphones and audio modes, the recorder can handle every kind of applications. Here are a few of the many ways it can be used-

  • Audio for VR films (Binaural, ambisonic, 3D etc)
  • Live recording of concerts and rehearsals, in either surround and immersive sound
  • Location videography—the recorder gives you plenty of options in postproduction 
  • Creating spatial audio for YouTube videos 


It is a single point recording device that records 4 directional sonic inputs in a cardioid pattern, (these files are known as the A-format). These files are then processed through a calibration file unique for the individual microphone that make the recordings phase accurate and then these are converted into B-format where all 3 acoustical dimensions (back-front X, left-right Y, up-down Z) are defined plus the source point of reference. From the resulting B-format every microphone pattern and playback format can be created. The entire process once the files have been transferred to the computer takes seconds.

The following microphone patterns can be created omni, cardioid, hyper-cardioid, sub-cardioid, super-cardioid, figure-8; as well as multiple combination patterns – blumlein, height-enabled blumlein, Mid/Side, XY (two crossed cardioids) separated by any arbitrary angle, three hypercardioids facing forward and two cardioids facing rearward (for 5.1 surround).

The B-format files can be create in the following playback formats – mono (without phase cancellation), stereo, binaural, 4 and 6 sided array, 5.1 surround, 7.1 surround with height, 8 channel surround with height.

An additional advantage the Brahma has over stereo microphones or stereo images from 2 or more microphones is that the capsule error between multiple capsules is much smaller and resolved in the calibration files, thus there are no set-up or placement issues.


  • Inexpensive, Pocket Sized, Easy to Use 4 Channel Ambisonic Solution
  • Single point 360° recording for Immersive Sound (And VR) 
  • One Microphone All Microphone Patterns 
  • Individually Calibrated, Capsule Matched, Phase Accurate, Flat Frequency Microphone
  • Brahma In Zoom Calibrated Ambisonics Microphone
  • 1- Foam Ball For Wind Cutting
  • 2- Wind Shield
  • 1- Wooden Box
  • ITEMS SUPPLIED :- Brahma Microphone Modified Zoom H2 Recorder with Wind Shields & Carrying Case
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