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360 Panoramic Head    

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This 360° Panoramaic Head is a tripod mount dedicated for capturing high quality single row or multi-row panoramic photos using your DSLR camera and wide-angle lenses.

The camera is mounted on a quick release plate placed on the upper rotator which features a tension knop with marked angles ( 0°, 30° & 45°) which allows you to easily move the cameras UP or DOWN to take shots at any angle. You can adjust the tension very easily by just tightening the knob to any degree you wish.

The Lower rotator is smooth and give the feel of precise click stops. The click stops allow the user to select how many degrees of rotation between shots. The rotator offer the following number of click stops to form a 360 degrees-

30° - 12 click stops

45° - 8 click stops


Features & Benefits- 

1. Complete 360° high resolution capture with no gaps in the stitch, nadir or top shots.

2. Works with all photo-stitching software. Autopano, PTGUi, etc

3. Great for creating 360 Photo Sphere experience for every kind of applications. 

            -Tourism destinations

            -Hotel and real estate virtual tours & more

4. Rugged, durable construction will last through years of hard use.

5. Smooth, steady and vibration-free rotation.

6. The Lower rotator click stop make work easier and faster.

7. Complete rotation UP and DOWN with any DSLR and wide-angle long lenses.

8. Easily support heavy cameras and lens. 


1) 360° Panoramaic Tripod Head with rotator

2) Quick Release Plate

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