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14 Camera GoPro HERO4 - 360 VR Rig    

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The 14 camera setup lets you film full 360 x 180° stereoscopic 360° videos with GoPro Hero 4. In this configuration, two cameras attach along each side of the pentagonal shape, two on top, and two on the bottom. 

Easily secure your cameras, capture your footage, and – using a stitching application – create up to 8,000 x 4,000 resolution (8K) images in full spherical form.

Each rig is perfectly crafted and has compact design from high quality aluminum and high strength machine grade flexible nylon.

Features & Benefits-

1. Create up to 8000 x 4000 resolution (8K) images in full spherical form

2. Works with all stereoscopic video-stitching software. 

3. Compact and rugged design- Best fit for variety of shooting scenarios.

4. Great for creating 360 immersive video experience for every kind of applications. 

            -Adventure Sports & Leisure Outings

            -Tourism destinations

            -Hotel and real estate tours 

            -Educational tutorials & more

1. Aluminium Camera Holder

2. Rubber Grip Handle 

3. Removable Nylon Handle Base

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